Mike Crawford Music

In mid­town Kansas City resides a church called Jacob’s Well. On the sur­face, it looks like most other churches; a place where peo­ple come together week after week to sing, learn, mourn, laugh and pray. Many things make Jacob’s Well unique; the most obvi­ous, at first blush, is the music that res­onates from every cor­ner of the com­mu­nity. This church music is oceanic—waves of lyrics tum­bling, beautifully-intricate sounds engulf­ing and swirling around as you sail out into the deep waters of lived-out the­ol­ogy. On the first album from Mike Craw­ford, “Songs from Jacob’s Well,” these words and sounds have been cap­tured, writ­ten and recorded and are ready to be shared.

Part of what con­tributes to this CD’s dis­tinc­tive sound is the sheer num­ber of musi­cians involved in the record­ing. Twenty-five peo­ple stack­ing layer-upon-layer of music to cre­ate what is more like an indie-rock orches­tra than a typ­i­cal wor­ship band. Lyri­cally, songs like “The Mag­ni­fi­cat” and “Horse and Rider” bor­row heav­ily from scrip­ture, while oth­ers like “Holy Lamb of God” are rem­i­nis­cent of tra­di­tional litur­gies. Part rock anthem, part ancient hymn, part mod­ern orches­tral arrange­ment, part field record­ing; the songs on “Even the Dark­ness” add up to an unpar­al­leled wor­ship (and lis­ten­ing) experience.

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