Worship Gatherings

Worship Gatherings

We gather on Sundays at 8AM, 9:30AM and 11AM. While each gathering has its own unique dynamic, the gatherings share the same content each Sunday.

Map & Directions

Our Sunday worship gatherings are spaces created to encounter God. We gather as a community once a week on Sundays in a space we call Kairos. Kairos is one of two Greek words used to describe time in the New Testament. The other Greek word for time is chronos. Chronos is linear time, the time we live in six days a week. It is time that we can quantify and from which we get the word chronological. Kairos is another kind of time: it is theological time, time filled with the possibility of God’s activity.

Our Sunday worship gatherings are spaces that we have carved out in time for the purpose of seeking and encountering God and being spiritually formed. Spiritual formation is the process of lives being transformed to live, serve and love in the Way of Jesus. Because we understand that all areas of life are connected, we strive to be holistic. We want to cultivate a space (physical, emotional, intellectual, relational, artistic) where the whole person (body, soul, mind, spirit) can encounter God, others, themselves, and creation. Towards that end, we engage in a number of different practices during our time together. You are invited to participate at whatever level of engagement is right for you.


Music is a beautiful and powerful means of expression. We regularly use music (and other expressions and forms of art) to express ourselves to God, just as the Psalms in the Old Testament scriptures do: we praise, we ask for what we need, we confess, we complain, we lament. We glorify God as we express ourselves honestly before him.

Call to Worship

The Call to Worship invites us to gather ourselves and refocus our attention on where we are and what we are doing. It is also a time to invite God into our space physically and spiritually.


Greeting one another isn’t simply a filler activity until we move onto more important things. Jesus teaches that loving one’s neighbor is akin to loving God. We set aside time in our gathering to meet and greet one another and to make each other feel welcome and known.


Every week we hear, learn and tell the story of God, his people and the creation. We read from the Bible and share from our lives. Often the format is participatory — we ask questions and seek feedback, we read the scriptures aloud and reflect our convictions and opinions. Click here to listen to past sermons.


Communion is a sacrament practiced every week in worship. Communion is a solemn act intended to nourish and encourage disciples of Jesus Christ. We welcome your thoughtful participation with us in this part of our worship gathering. As the communion servers take their places, we come forward by row beginning in the balcony, then the foyer, and lastly from the sanctuary, back to front.When receiving the elements, the server will offer the bread, saying, “The Body of Christ broken for you,” as you break off a piece of bread. Then the server offers the cup, saying, “His blood shed on your behalf,” as you dip the bread into the cup and eat it.

Parents are welcome to have their children participate in communion with them, or may choose to pick up their children after partaking in communion.

Note: We offer gluten-free and dairy-free bread. The communion server standing nearest the piano will always serve this option. You can go to that communion server regardless of food allergies.


If you would like to participate in giving, there are two tithe boxes in the back of the sanctuary, a tithe cabinet under the calendar board in the foyer, and a tithe box on the wall as you exit the front doors. You can also give online at our website by clicking “Make a Gift” or preferably through your JW Online account under the “Give” tab. You can also send your tithe by mail: Jacob’s Well
, 1617 W. 42nd Street, 
Kansas City, MO 64111


At the conclusion of our gathering, we sing a benediction. “Benediction” is Latin and means “good word.” It is a final blessing and prayer sung over our community as we head into our week. As an expression of our unity, we join hands before God and sing. We encourage the entire family to gather for our singing of the benediction.