Women’s Bible Study in Philippians

* An 8-week study led by Jessi Marcus & Kristen McClain
* Tuesday evenings beginning Feb. 25th thru April 29th (we’ll take off the weeks of Spring Break and Holy Week)
* Cost: $6 for book (N.T. Wright’s for Everyone Bible Study guide)
* Register: Women’s Bible Study – Philippians or in the foyer before & after Sunday worship gatherings, by Sun., Feb. 23rd.
* Childcare not available

Things don’t always go the way we intend. It’s easy to feel discouraged because what we hope for is badly thwarted, or because people make life difficult. Paul, writing to the Philippians from prison, certainly knew what it was like to have plans interrupted. But he maintains robust confidence in God’s overruling power, even when everything seems to be going wrong. These eight studies will help us learn from Paul the art of seeing God’s purposes working out through problems and difficulties, and will deepen our own confidence in God’s power.