Thursday Morning Play Group

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Playgroup meets Thursday morning from 9:30-11:30 am. We meet in Banner Hall (the large room in the basement of the church). Please park in the parking lot and use the back door – down the stairs and through the kitchen.

It is a non-structured, laid-back, breast-feeding friendly environment for parents and a great open play space for kids ages newborn to 6 years old. There are two areas of the room – one side for fast and loud play (i.e. riding toys, balls, etc) and the other half for quiet play (i.e. coloring, building blocks, etc).  Babies can hang out with their parent on the carpeted area away from the older kids.

Connect Time
The first Thursday Playgroup of each month is dedicated time to connect with other moms and/or dads. RSVP online (link to form click here) to reserve a spot for childcare. Cost is $5 per parent. On that week, come in the front or side doors of the church, drop off your kids in the classrooms, and grab a snack and coffee in the prayer chapel.  Moms will gather in one area and dads in another for some dedicated time to talk, connect on a deeper level, and get some precious alone quiet time – maybe even take a nap for 10 minutes!

Contact Ally Bittner or Stephanie Swanson for more information!