Singles Financial Ideation Session

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With all the programs, workshops and books available around finance, we continue to feel a gap in resources for singles. With fewer people getting married, and those that do getting married later – many financial decisions that have historically been made as a couple are now made as an individual – paying off student loan debt, beginning a budget, buying a house or a car and finding a job in a less than stable market are just a few examples of decisions made in this new paradigm.

Ultimately, how does finance affect your ability to live out your purpose? How does your financial picture affect the freedom you feel to pursue the life God has called you to live? Join us on Nov. 12th for a three hour, extremely engaging, ideation session to help us wrestle with these questions and frame new ones as we work to live our life’s purpose given our day-to-day financial realities.

5:30 to 8:30 on Nov. 12th with Bright Peak Financial- dinner & childcare provided, no cost associated with the session