Sexuality Sermon Series and Resources

In the fall of 2014, Jacob’s Well did a 11 week Sexuality Series entitled For Matur(ing) Audiences Only. Below you will find links to the sermons in the Series.

Week 1Let’s Talk About Sex9/7/14
Week 2Desire, Discipline, and Worship9/14/14
Week 3What Kind of Community? — Part 19/21/14
Week 4What Kind of Community? — Part 29/28/14
Week 5Engaging the Scriptures10/5/14
Week 6Scripture and Sex10/12/14
Week 7Scripture, Sex, and Sin10/19/14
Week 8Singleness and Sexuality10/26/14
Week 9Same-Sex Realities and the Church11/2/14
Week 10Same-Sex Relationships and the Church11/9/14
Week 11“But the Greatest of These is Love”11/23/14

Other Resources

Ronald Rolheiser, TheologianThe Holy LongingBook
NT Wright, New Testament ScholarCurrent Debate on HomosexualityYouTube Video
Tim Keller, Pastor and TheologianWhat do Christians have against Homosexuals?YouTube Video
James Brownson, New Testament, Western SeminaryBible, Gender,
and Sexuality: Reframing the Church’s Debate on Same-sex Relationships
Peter Enns, Biblical ScholarHomosexuality and Biblical Authority: Different Crisis, Same ProblemBlog Post
Rachel Held EvansThe Bible is ClearBlog Post
Rachel Held EvansEveryone’s a Biblical Literalist until you bring up GluttonyBlog Post
Multiple AuthorsIs Premarital Sex a Sin?Blog Post
Andrew MarinThe New CreationBlog Post
Rachel Held EvansUnstoppable Grace: Thoughts on the Gay Christian Network ConferenceBlog Post
Kate TracyWheaton Students Protest ‘Train Wreck Conversion’ Speakers’ Ex-Gay TestimonyChristianity Today
Conor FriedersdorfA Gay, Celibate Christian’s Take on Same Sex MarriageAtlantic Monthly
Rachel Held EvansWalking the Second Mile: Jesus, Discrimination, and ‘Religious Freedom’Blog Post
Cultural, Socialogical, Anthropological
Jenell Williams ParisThe End of Sexual Identity: Why Sex is Too Important to Define Who We AreBook
Michael W. HannonAgainst HeterosexualityBlog Post
Andrew MarinLove is an OrientationBook