Our grade school kids will be participating in our worship services during Advent

Kids will help create and participate in the each service, as well as worship with their families. We believe this helps our kids see themselves as part of the greater community. It also offers them a chance to experience the Big Picture.

When your family arrives at church in December, pick up a Reflection Sheet and journal for them to use during the service. Then, take them down to the Drama Room (instead of into the sanctuary with you), basement level, first room on right. They will rehearse for the processional and then join you in worship. Leaders will help them find their way to you.

Grade school kids have been creating art for the JW Silent Art Auction, which benefits the community we are in relationship with in Pokot, Kenya. The auction is Saturday evening, December 15 from 7-9. Kids art will be for sale in the foyer. Please come by with your family and purchase some of your kids great art!

Beginning January 6th, grade school kids will start meeting in classes based on their grade in school.

We believe this will allow for developmental instruction and engagement, as well as positive relational connections. To facilitate this change, And please contact Mimi Keelwith any questions you have about this transition.

Also on January 6th, we will have a brief meeting in Banner Hall, after the 9:00 and after the 11:00 services about the opportunity for your grade school child to attend Youthfront Summer Camp in 2013.  Look forward to seeing you there!