Middle School – “Last Sunday” of the Month Adjustment

Due to our upcoming Youth Ministry Fall Retreat, we are moving the “Last Sunday of the Month” back one week. Here is the adjusted schedule…

  • Sunday, October 25 – Middle School is meeting at 11:00 AM in Youth Room
  • Sunday, November 1 – No Middle School meeting

Since most of our middle schoolers will be on the retreat, we will not be hosting a middle school space on November 1. Thus, will be calling Sunday, November 1 the “Last Sunday of the Month” for October, when, in reality, it is neither last Sunday of the month, nor is it in October. Middle School students are invited to join their families in the main worship gathering, if they’re not already on the retreat.

Sorry for any inconvenience! Thanks for understanding. And if you haven’t signed up for the retreat yet, there’s still time! REGISTER HERE!