Men’s Retreat – April 21st-22nd

There is a very old saying that pretty much summarizes the 21st century human experience: “All of a man’s labor is for his mouth, but his soul is never satisfied.” Most of our lives are occupied with a restless drivenness, leaving nothing to feed this deepest and truest part of ourselves. It’s no wonder they say the soul is shy – we have basically rejected her in our mad effort to maintain a grip on all that, in the end, we are unable to keep.

The ancients recognized a need for times of withdrawal to renew and maintain the inner life, and the Jacob’s Well men’s ministry has crafted an occasion for this. If your soul could use refreshment and refilling, come away with us on April 21st-22nd to rest, play, discuss life and faith with other men, and to deepen our practice of contemplative prayer in community. We’ll be lodging at the Tall Oaks Conference Center (off Highway 10 on the way to Lawrence).

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