Kenya Video Series, Pt. 4

Videographers: Kindling Co.

Video, Audio & Photography Contributions by: Beth Mercer, Maureen Lunn, Laura Lesniewski, Sam De Jong, Mike Crawford and Julius Sawe

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A small group of JW’ers are taking a trip to Kenya in March and so we’re taking the opportunity to tell the years-long story of Jacob’s Well’s involvement there over a 4-part video series. Over the last three weeks we’ve learned where it all started and the role of water wells in the Pokot community and how we next assisted the Pokot people in the beginning construction of a secondary school — if you missed a Sunday, please click the links above to catch up. In this final video, we’ll learn more about the upcoming trip, about some of the key people outside of JW who have led the way, and how every one at Jacob’s Well is involved through giving. Stay tuned on the justice blog for updates from the trip and the school construction occurring in 2015, with hopes of opening the school in early 2016. Thanks for watching!

We also want to note a few geographical references in these videos. Pokot is both a the name of a tribe and the region that tribe inhabits in Northwestern Kenya. Asilong is the name of the specific village we’re partnered with. Enjoy!

[vimeo 122318968 w=500 h=281]

Special thanks to Kindling Co. who shot and edited this video series. Well done Chase and Cameron!

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