Kenya Video Series, Pt. 3

Videographers: Kindling Co.

Video, Audio & Photography Contributions by: Beth Mercer, Maureen Lunn, Laura Lesniewski, Sam De Jong, Mike Crawford

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A small group of JW’ers are taking a trip to Kenya this month and so we’re taking the opportunity to tell the years-long story of Jacob’s Well’s involvement there over a 4-part video series. Over the last two weeks we’ve learned where it all started and the role of water wells in the Pokot community — if you missed either Sunday, please watch the videos linked above. This week, we’ll learn about how the next step after the water wells was playing a role in providing education access in Pokot and beginning construction on the first few buildings of a secondary school, or high school.

We also want to note a few geographical references in these videos. Pokot is both a the name of a tribe and the region that tribe inhabits in Northwestern Kenya. Asilong is the name of the specific village we’re partnered with. Enjoy!

[vimeo 121386186 w=500 h=281]

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