The Elders

The Elder Team is responsible for overall direction and governance at Jacob’s Well. They oversee the pastoral staff, approve and monitor budgets, deal with problems as they arise and seek to anticipate and avoid them whenever possible, and most important, are responsible for the vision and direction of our church and its mission and values. Members are selected for spiritual, personal, and relational maturity, along with special gifts or skills needed by the team.

The current elders are: Diane Power (chair), Christine Lesniewski, Francisco Litardo, Steve Anderson, Laura Belt, Ashley Cleveland, Jeff Turner, Cheryl Burbach, and Kevin Morris.

In addition, the Senior Leadership Team of Mike Crawford, Jim Gum, Tim Keel, and Jessi Marcus participate in the meeting. Tim Keel is the only member of the Pastoral Elder Team who is a voting member of the elders.

For more information regarding elders at Jacob’s Well please refer to the following documents:

The Bylaws of Jacob’s Well

Elders Roles and Responsibilities