Fall Men’s Discussion Series: The Gospel of John

Join us this fall at one of two times each week for a discussion of the Gospel of John in dialogue with excerpts from select commentaries. Weekly meetings will be built around a tight, coffee-fueled 60-minute time frame divided between: individual reading from preselected commentary excerpts; mini-group discussion of observations/discoveries from these individual readings with 3-4 guys; and sharing/praying about our lives.

Our open Tuesday morning gathering is deliberately arranged to make drop-ins welcome, so please join us any from 6:30-7:30am on an upcoming Tuesday at the Jacob’s Well Prayer Chapel. We will also support existing groups who would like to follow our syllabus, and are looking for participants who would like to form a Sunday afternoon group. For more details or to get involved, see our online registration form, or contact Shayne Wessel at shaynew@jacobswellchurch.org.