Baptism Sunday (Kids Community Announcement for Parents)

Dear JW Parents,

This Sunday is Baptism Sunday at Jacob’s Well. We always look so forward to the celebration of this sacrament as a church family.

To make this possible, your child(ren), ages infant – 5th grade, will join you in the sanctuary at the beginning of worship to experience baptisms with you. After the baptisms, the children will go to Kids Community where they will stay until after the Benediction. You won’t pick up your child(ren) for communion this week, but  instead wait until service is completely over. We’ll trade one sacrament for another this week!

As you prepare this week to experience baptism with your child(ren) on Sunday…..

  • Read the story of Jesus’ baptism from Mark 1:4-11
  • Ask – What do you already know about baptism or being baptized? What do you want to know about it?
  • Teach the meaning of baptism – It is when we publicly express we are in God’s family, that we belong to Him. Baptism is an act that shows God loves us and we love him. It reminds us of who we are, a child of God, and that we want to live in his story.
  • Pray for the children getting baptized.

On Sunday, as you experience baptism with your child(ren)….

  • Sit up front so they can see what’s happening
  • Describe what is happening as it happens
  • Share the meaning of baptism (above)
  • Join in the blessing of the children

Kind regards,
Mimi Keel
Kids Community Director