Asilong CHM Secondary School Nearing Completion

We’ve received some exciting photos from our good friend Julius Sawe in Asilong Village, Pokot, Kenya–the secondary school is nearly complete! The general contractor, John Nderitu, has informed us that the construction should be complete by the end of this month. While we don’t yet know when it will open for students, it’s a huge accomplishment just to have the building finished–for our local architects at JW who contributed hours and hours toward the design and communication, the workers on the ground, and the entire village of Asilong. Soon it will be the task of our friends at City Harvest Ministries (CHM) in Nairobi, the leaders in Asilong, and the teachers at the existing elementary school to begin the process of getting Asilong CHM registered as an official Kenyan Secondary School. It will be the first secondary school for miles and will create opportunity for kids who previously graduated 8th grade into a non-existent high school, either staying home or having to walk for hours each day to attend school.

Asilong CHM w: roof 2

asilong chm w: roof 3

Asilong CHM w: roof

One fun tidbit of this latter part of construction was imagining the process of the local people choosing a color for the windows and doors of the school and the roof. Given a small sampling of paint colors for that purpose, they worked together and eventually landed on a pale, mint green for the windows and doors and a bright red for the roof! So in short time this building will be complete with bright colors to smile at its students as they arrive from near and far.

More updates coming soon!

door color 4
“Ripple Green” will colors the windows and doors (3rd down in far left column) and a bright red (top right corner) will paint the long roof. Kenya’s national colors are red, green and black.