Asilong CHM (Pokot) Construction Update

We’ve recently received several photos and a construction update from Julius Sawe in Asilong (Pokot). The construction is well underway of the first classroom building of the Asilong CHM Secondary School that Jacob’s Well is largely funding thanks to your Advent Conspiracy contributions! Here’s a few photos. Read more about our work in Kenya here.

Pokot women assist construction by sifting the rocks and debris out of sand that will be used for making bricks to construct the school building. These women along with other untrained laborers are often paid on a piece-by-piece or daily rate to assist with construction.
brick making
Workers use a brick-making machine to form bricks out of sand, dirt and mud brought from nearby.
asilong CHM
View of one of the four classrooms that make up the larger building.
asilong chm2
This image shows a bit of the scope of the building–it is a long, narrow building that is broken up into four classrooms.
asilong teachers:old buildings
By way of comparison, the buildings shown behind these Asilong teachers are the current buildings that make up the primary school. You can see the improvement in space, openness, and construction from this to the new secondary school pictured above.